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Shortfilm – 2021

Agata is only thirty years old but she already seems to have reached a dead end of existence. She moves to Ferrara to escape Alex, the ex-boyfriend who continues to torment her in the total indifference of the institutions. Bombarded by the news about feminicides and the growing presence of the Nigerian mafia in the city, she survives by stuffing herself with psychotropic drugs like candy.
When Alex manages to find her, even in the new city where she thought she was safe, Agata finally collapses and in a panic attack is rescued by Nabil, a Gambian asylum seeker. However, it is a pity that Agatha cannot see in Nabil a prince charming, but a possible assassin, triggering a bitter and tragicomic misunderstanding.

Director: Anna Elena Pepe e Sebastian Salucci 
Producer: Caracò editore
Cinematographer: Camilla Cattabriga