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Shortfilm – 2020

This is a love story that talks about lose and find again each other in the everyday life; a couple searching for good in memories or immagination, in an empty drawer where before there was linen and now only sand. In a time and place intentionally not well-defined two persons meet and fight between details, close ups and blurred images looking for the secret (or the magic) that will link or separate them. This is a universal love story where we try to examine the evolution of a relationship with all its ascending and descending parables that not necessarily and not always has a clear and defined explanation.

Director: Ilde Mauri 
With Ilde Mauri and Antonio Bannò 
Director assistant: Luca Bertollo
Producer: 5 arte contemporanea con il sostegno di R.a.s.i. Rete Artisti Spettacolo per l’Innovazione
Cinematographer: Camilla Cattabriga
Editor: Pierluigi Darino
Production Designer: Elisa Lombardi
Costume design: Luca Bertollo
Makeup: Roberto Vignati
Music: Remo De Vico
Ivan Silvestrini
Tamburi Neri & Hiroko
Distribuction: Premiere film