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Here is Paola, a girl who has accepted to show herself through this photographic project the desire to rediscover her body and her strength for not giving up on desire, despite the disability. This shooting session was made possible thanks to Max Ulivieri, journalist of the Daily Affair. Through the “LOVEGIVER” project, the primary goal is to break down the stereotypes surrounding people with disabilities or physical handicaps, often depicted as “asexuals” or otherwise believed to be unable to live and fully experience sexuality. The rediscovery of sexual desire is helped and guided by a sexual assistant who is a professional operator (man or woman) with a bisexual, heterosexual or homosexual orientation who has “healthy” psychophysical and sexual characteristics. This operator is an expert with a theoretical and psycho-physical knowledge, specialized on the delicate topic of sexuality, allowing people with physical, motor and/or psychic/cognitive disabilities to live an erotic, sensual and/or sexual experience.