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Lo sport nazionale

Shortfilm – 2021

Alessio is a thirty year old like many others. He is a graduate but does not have a job and spends many of his hours locked in his bedroom. It is a practice that has been repeated for weeks, months. There is nothing else in his life. Alessio has an illness, an obsession: he bets. On what? National sport. Football. Alessio is convinced that he can turn by designing the perfect betting system. When she realizes her efforts are in vain, she ends up getting in trouble by involving her parents and best friend in a dangerous threat. But he will soon learn an important lesson …

Director: Andrea Belcastro
Producer:Lago Film col supporto di Calabria Film Commission
Cinematographer: Camilla Cattabriga
Editor: Susanna Lattanzi
Production Designer: Gianluca Salamone
Costume design: Giuseppe Ricciardi
Makeup: Marinella Giorni, Jenny Zuccaro
Sound Mixer: Matteo Eusepi
Visual Effects: Valentina Girolami
Distribuction: Zen Movie