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Una coppia

Shortfilm – 2019

Anna and Diego meet in Rome in a hot summer morning. They hadn’t seen each other for a while. They had been in a relationship for two years but then they broke up and now Anna lives in Milan while Diego lives in Naples. They were still a couple when they baught two tickets for Bruce Springsteen’s gig that would take place in a few months. Now, the gig’s day has come and Anna, who was keeping both the tickets, has to meet Diego and give him his ticket. Her plan was to go to the gig separately, but Diego has a different idea. So, after some argument, he persuades Anna to spend the day together with him while waiting for the concert to get started. During those hours, they have the chance to come to terms with all the old scores, the hesitations, the grudges and the nostalgia that inevitably come after a break up. The waiting for the gig fades soon into the background and that day becomes the occasion for Diego and Anna – maybe the last one – to understand what they’ve been together and what they’re going to be in the future.

Director: Davide Petrosino
Producer: CSC Production 
Cinematographer: Camilla Cattabriga
Editor: Susanna Lattanzi
Production Designer: Andrea Squillace
Costume design: Francesca Moser
Sound Mixer: Simone Lucarelli
Distibuction: Premiere film